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Cost Estimating

ELLE was established to help the Public Sector implement the safest & most cost-efficient means to manage work. One of our tools to help achieve this is our ability to perform Contractor Based Cost Estimates. ELLE possesses a massive amount of practical experience in the construction industry. Our experience is significant with respect to understanding the correlation between the dynamic process of cost estimating and construction of Projects or the development of Design. 

The range of Scope we cover:
  • Software used: HCSS, Timberline, Management Related Software

  • Detailed Contractor based cost estimates 

  • Breakdown each bid item or scope of work into labor / materials / equipment. 

  • Construction standard production rates.

  • Preliminary Design cost estimates, based on unit pricing 

  • Change Order cost estimates

  • Forensic Cost Estimating evaluation

  • Claims representation, using our cost estimates and schedule analysis

  • Etc.

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